Our Services

Whether it’s something as simple as digging a hole in a garden or as complicated as laying ducts or cables in some of the busiest island streets, Stephen Christian & Sons LTD have the skills and equipment to carry out this work from start to finish. 

We are MEA approved contractors, having worked for them for over 30 years

Manx Telecom sole contractors for the last 12 years, having worked previously as an approved contractor for many years.

We also work with Isle of Man Water and Sewerage Authority, Douglas Corporation, Cable and Wireless and many other organisations, some UK based.

Our Services include but are not limited to:-

  • Trenches for laying cables, ducts, pipes, drains, sewers etc.
  • Joint holes for MEA and Water Authority.
  • Moleing of water pipes and service ducts for cables etc.
  • Moleploughing up to 63mm pipe/duct.
  • Replacing lead water pipes including all associated plumbing.
  • Erecting street light columns and associated cable work.
  • Construction of Driveways and car parks, tarmac, concrete or block paving. Both private and corporate.
  • Drop kerbing for new driveways.
  • Playground and BMX track construction, including the supply and installation of play equipment.
  • Landscaping including the creation of lakes, ponds and other land features.
  • Sewerage connections and manhole construction.
  • Klargester Accredited for installation and service, including all associated groundworks.
  • Drainage, storm water management and land drainage.

We can also provide services such as stone picking, stone burying, top soil screening, land raking and gorse, scrub or tree clearance.

Our Services

  • Klargesters
  • Road Markings
  • Utilities Groundworks
  • Drainage
  • Industrial Fencing
  • Driveways, Roads & Paths